Rakim Announces New Album, Gives A Proper Evaluation Of Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole


It isn’t all too often that we get to catch up with the gawd Rakim. But thanks to the good folks at MONTREALITY, we’re being treated to some wise words from the microphone fiend, championing the new wave of culturally conscious emcees and touching on the status of his next record, which will mark his fifth solo outing and ninth overall. In regards to the latter, Ra claims the new record is one where he can dial things down a bit, taking his time to have some fun with it, but also seems to be piecing it together still, searching for producers and collaborators that will create the appropriate dynamic for the record. Now, when it comes to the youngins gunning for his thrown, the Long Island MC was visibly humbled (though always stoic) and encouraged the likes of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole to keep up with the torch as the burliest of grammatical athletes in the game today. Ra also delivers a message to the youth and assures us all that he’s still as sharp as ever. Watch the video below.

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